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Marquita Bent
Spiritualist, Psychic Medium 


A natural born Spiritualist with Medium Psychic abilities, Marquita Bent has mastered her God-given gift of connecting with the spirit realm to provide guidance and healing to humanity. 

Her spiritual knowledge ascends from a lineage of healers throughout generations of time; individuals who's soul purpose is to bring healing light to those who are in search of wisdom along their individual life journeys towards spiritual enlightenment. 


As a Spiritual Leader, Marquita’s beliefs in the value of life-long learning is evident in all she does. From a young age, her connection to the spirit realm and awareness of spiritual energies paved the way for a formalized education. Traditionally speaking, Marquita earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Liberal Studies; having minored in the subjects of Psychology, Sociology, and Wellness. Additionally, Marquita went on to pursue studies which would help refine her craft. She has earned graduate sociology certificates from Harvard University with a focus in Omens, Oracles, and Prophecies. Marquita has also obtained a Harvard University graduate certificate in Buddhism Studies. Through her studies in the field of sociology, she has had many incredible opportunities to continue learning about many different cultures, religious belief systems, and beautiful people from all walks of life. These diverse experiences have shaped her journey in becoming an authentic light-bearer and spiritual healer. 

Follow Marquita on Instagram at houseoflovellc or message her to book your services.

All services and sessions are done through mail, messaging, or video chat, Unless it's an in person session, Please contact me for any questions. Thank You

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