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I received a self love box. It was name your own price. I was going to send one amount but was told to send a different amount. So glad I listen. The box was so well put together as if I told you everything that I wanted. The little details of things that meant a lot to me. Thank you again

Marlena Quinones


My life has not been the same since May 2020. It all started with me asking about her services (dream interpretation to be exact) since then my life has not been the same. So many things has changed for the better. I’ve watched myself bloom within a short amount of time... it’s AMAZING❤️✨🥰🥳. I’ve participated in Marquitas self love self healing workshop & I’ve had multiple readings which have helped me as well. I have learned so much about how to care for myself & what I deserve. Everyone should be able to experience the same blessings & positive just have to do the work. My journey has its ups and downs but i wouldn’t change it for nothing. Marquita was a beautiful blessing placed in my life at the (Right Time)🙏🏾😘☺️. Definitely appreciative for all the help & guidance.

Brittany Knox ( Philadelphia, PA)



Working With You Have Been One Of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made. Every Time I Receive A Reading You Open My Eyes More And More. The Workshop Helped Build Me Up More And More. I Know I’m Hard Headed And Sometimes Don’t Listen But I Really Appreciate You Never Giving Up On Me, And Pushing Me To Do Better Because If You Didn’t, Well You Know The Rest. I’m Still A Work In Progress But I Know I’m Working Towards My Purpose. Thank You So Much 🥰

Faith Bivins, Miami, Florida



Please know that Marquita is nothing like you have experienced before if you ever have done a reading or service with a spiritualist ! Her services are not comparable ! From the messages received from spirit for myself , to helping me with my son . I’ve been speechless and left with so much more clarity. Her amazing healing and protection candles will literally soothe your soul . I put my full trust in her. You should consider yourself lucky to come across someone like Marquita for services . Her connection with Spirit and God is Divine, Beautiful and Magical . Simply the best of the best !

Miana Choku



I'm not sure how I found her but it was well worth it 😊 And because of Marquita I know now that everything was just Aligning in and around my life ‼️ I have learned to be grateful for everything ❤️ She has helped me get out of my comfort zone and just Shine ✨✨✨ and if people around me are not comfortable with Me they must adjust to ME 🎯 or exit ‼️ I'm completely in Love with Self and I truly don't care of what anyone thinks of me, I am She I am Self and I am Satisfied 🤗 I feel comfortable, complete and confident 💯 And I would not change or let anyone control me or my life ‼️ I finally feel Whole and myself... I'm free to be the Woman I was born to be 💯. I'm from Miami Florida 😎 And you guys should get in on this Melanated Magic ‼️ I wouldn't change coming to her in a million years, I would choose her every time.

Keitisha(Tisha) McLean 💖



I’ve enjoy our talks. I’ve also enjoyed my boxes. I used all of the items! Especially since the items reminds me to stop, relax, and breath. It reminds me to take a moment to enjoy myself. It’s always a nice surprise as you don’t know what’s in the box. I love how Marquita breaks things down, and explains things.  Shoot at times I need to be told two or three times, but that’s just me tho 😂. Marquita radiates peace, calm, and loudness all at once 😅. The knowledge I and others obtain from Marquita’s soul is magical. ✨ Keep doing what you’re doing. Saving one soul at a time with your gift. 

Dariana Arrindell 


I did a couple readings with Marquita and at first I didn’t believe she was tapped in. Until she started telling me stuff that she shouldn’t know, thats when I knew lol. Marquita was always right,even when it wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth!! Marquita definitely help me with answers when I needed them. She helped me get into the core of my issues. Thank you💜

Kynisha P from Connecticut!!



Hello, my name is Laraine (CT). I’ve known Marquita for quite sometime and have always felt such a strong energy while in her presence. Last year, I began a life altering journey on a really rough road to healing. I saw that she was offering spiritual readings so I reached out. I had nothing to lose... The messages that I received from Quita were strong. I had so many unanswered questions. The guidance that I received from her was beyond helpful and provided so much clarity. It took me a while to listen to the messages and to want to hear them... to be open to them. Looking back it all makes sense. Her messages reminded me of where I was at and what I needed to do to focus on myself and truly be able to heal and grow. I am forever grateful for this talented, beautiful woman.





Hi love! Okay, first and foremost, i am thankful for you! Im so grateful so the self love box I received from you! It aligned so well with my current life! Lol it helped me realize my ways that needed to be fix! I realized i lost touched with myself, and how i need to get back to my ways of working out, and being healthy! I’ve definitely grown since I’ve received my box! Im very appreciative of you and how you helped me become a better woman! Im so grateful for this experience! Thank you so muchhh! I love you ❤️❤️❤️ 

Alexandria Moreau



The reading you gave me was definitely spot on. Months into this situation it all panned out. My suitors were toxic and I deserved better. I definitely needed to leave that past job. You have such an open welcoming personality. I was happy to receive readings from you. 

Teniquia, Florida




Hi my name is Shonee,

During the beginning months of 2021 maybe going a bit back to December I signed up for and graduated for Marquita's first round workshop Self love/Self healing workshop before the self love therapy one. I thoroughly enjoyed and was able to learn and gather tools and modalities through her guidance and I truly benefitted from this because I was able to know how to reset my mindset if I ever felt sad or stuck or if I woke up feeling motivated and determined. I learned mindset mastery in this workshop and the importance of physical health too like sleep, nutrition, exercise and drinking water. Through Marquita and her services I was able to tap in and connect with the spirit realm. And to keep the connection strong. I was able to see and realize that I am enough and I am important and that my wellbeing comes first so that I am able to show up in the best way possible for me and to be around others and interact with other people knowing I've done the inner work. Since I was as young as 4 years old I didn't like making eye contact with people either because they were lying or they had done bad things. Today I am still like that I do not make eye contact if someone is lying or that they are not good. However I do make eye contact with those I can trust. It is too "annoying" or "invasive" to look through someone else's eyes and see that they are lying or being deceptively manipulative too, so I was able to remember that through doing the self love self healing workshop! Also communicating with Marquita was very helpful too and talking to her either video call or message. I definitely would advise everyone to look into her services and do it! I am so glad I did it because it created change within me and it aligned with my many spiritual gifts that I have too and I was always determined 🌊🌱 Thank you so much love for all that you do and for all that you've done! I do not regret any of this! Thank you for the 1 hour counseling session too that I purchased. Your expression and essence is so effective and is felt from the other side of the world from where you are because energy is also a form of everything that is. I cannot express how truly grateful I am seeing I found you and came to you and saw things in you that I aligned with. I know that things align in the right timing and looking back at when I did all this I have happiness in my heart for such a time in my life that I needed this. I have so much love respect and honor for you Marquita! Thank you..



Life steered me to find you and I am so grateful and thankful it is hard to express in words. You helped heal me, showed me what life is about , helped my soul reconnect with its purpose. I am strong now, I know how to sit with self and regroup when needed. I am a better human, a better Mother a better student. Your energy is intense and real. It heals , I have experienced it.  I can only explain it as magic. You helped provide me with tools to protect myself and my children through the workshop, readings and sessions.  Thank you for sharing your gifts. Thank you for believing is me and guiding. ♥️

Allison. A




So I am writing this in regards to the previous orders 1.  Being your beautiful candle and the second being the pyrite earrings I purchased. Both orders  placed with you were perfect and arrived in a timely manner. It even seems like a little of you comes along with it as well. With the candle i was in awe, the heart on the outside of the tin greets you which I thought was really cute but then once you open it is where the real beauty lies. The let’s just say with all the detail I didn’t wanna light it at first cause it looked so perfect , but once I did light it I felt such a rush of peace and warmth . I loved it.   Now with my earrings I was super excited to get them and when I did they were just as beautiful as the picture . They are a gorgeous wear and such a charm added to my little collection of jewelry and the most special 💛 . Throughout both times you were nothing but too kind .

Brianna Pearson from Scranton, Pennsylvania




Marquita has honestly become someone I hold dearly to my heart she’s kind, passionate, and amazing at what she does. It’s truly a blessing and not by mistake that I found her! A friend of mine told me to follow her a few years ago and I’m absolutely grateful. She’s helped and continues to help me through my spiritual journey. I’m not where I need to be but I’ve come, so far because of her abilities and all around good nature. She’s known as Aunty Marquita in my house because she’s the reason I went into my ultrasound appointment knowing I had a healthy baby boy! Lol yes she does “oops gender reveals” too! BOOK her😂 all in all she’s Devine in her own right and someone I’ve learn to trust and I look forward to her posts and seeing where her journey takes her!!

Renecer from Columbus, OH



Your workshops are head on, but you have to put the work - i think people think because of yours abilities they don’t have to but it’s not for you it’s for THEM. And if they want to see changes they have to put thr work in, taking your first workshop changed my entire life around like i didn’t even see the changes coming - it was like everything i went through started aligning more and more and it helped me change myself and those around me because who you have around can also affect you. I can say with this second workshop is teaching me to trust myself more and be more conscious of my thoughts and the power is within me. Your readings are powerful especially if it’s something that’s needs to be heard you can feel the energy. I think people get these readings hoping it’s gone be something THEY WANT TO HEAR (and in some cases it might) but that’s not always the case - the readings are WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR and when you don’t adhere to it, you just setting yourself further back. At the end of the day for this who really want better in their life , yes the adjustments may seem uncomfortable or not wanted but it’s for the best and I’m walking testimony of this. Don’t let your human self ruin your higher self - pay attention & everything is a choice so be cautious of the choices you are making because they could have an affect. Sorry but i learned all of this from you and i thank you for that - it helps me day by day. So at the end of all of this THANK YOU for the readings and workshops !

Brittany Robinson From Atlanta, GA




**The first thing that I appreciated when contacting you is that you were able to calm my nervousness. Our first reading was the first reading I have ever had. I always wanted a reading but was scared, not really sure why. Your willingness to help me calm down as well as patience with me is what made me come back for a second reading. I am a very emotional person and that can be a weight for people but your spirit allowed me to express what and how I needed to at the time and that helped me alot. You answered my questions and didn't hold back. And that is what I needed to hear. The fact that you can pick up on my energy and read me is amazing. I appreciate your gift and will never hesitate to come back to you when needed. You make me feel at home when I am talking to you and not like a stranger that you are providing a service for and that is makes me continue to come back time and time again😊. Unfortunately life circumstances have slowed me down but I'm getting back on track.Thank You. I did get my Oracle Card Holiday box from you and I love it. I have to take a picture of it and send. I have just been so depressed and emotional after losing my Sweetie to COVID-19 last year, it's hard to function properly and enjoy things the way I want to. I'll send you a picture of it soon. 

I 💜 it.




Marquita has been a compassionate spiritual advisor to me. Her Self love boxes are so full of positive energy & intentions. I am excited to have her to help me & inspire me even more. I am thankful that she’s is someone who is always honest & straight, no chaser. 


I’m very grateful for the workshop and feel it has help me understand and see a lot about myself. The most important thing I’ve learned is how to seek positivity and surround myself with positive thoughts. It helps me feel better about myself and certain situations I may be dealing with in life at the moment. I also think it’s great to get an honest point of view from someone who’s not directly connected with any of my life situations, and can help me see my truths. I honestly did expect more, like I thought it was going to be hard and overwhelming, but after the first week it’s been a steady pace and manageable. Nothing that exhausted me or made me feel like I couldn’t handle it. So it worked out great for me! The skills I’ve learned  so far are definitely something I will be using more in my life going forward. 




Personally I found that just talking really helped me. Because we all need someone to talk to ,who doesn’t judge us. We just need an outlet. You’ve been a big help in this transformation. Every chance I get I let people know I’m in a different type of therapy.




This workshop has helped me in difficult obstacles that I never thought I would be able face.  I lingered around and kept a negative thoughts. Thank God you were able to help me. Although I was covering things up because I’m so used to others judging me. You kept it 100 and I actually open up. This workshop also made me remember that I am loved and I should always love myself no matter what comes my way. 

Marlene Pierre



Starting this workshop I was worried that I, myself, wasn’t really going to push myself hard enough to achieve these goals I’ve had for a long, long time. Every year I say I'm going to improve a lot in myself in handling my business and I never do. Until I found you on Instagram through Mama Root page and from there, let's just say I'm grateful for finding you. During these 2 weeks I pushed and opened my mind to new ways to help myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally that I will cherish for many, many years. Your workshop has really helped me a lot and I'm sure it helped many other people that's also participating. Continue on doing what you’re doing because you’re doing a wonderful job and I hope you can help as many people as you can. Thank you so much! 

Faith. B


I really appreciate you making yourself available! I also appreciate you pushing me to go back to me. You didn’t let me take the easy way out, which is what I was originally hoping for. 




What your doing here is 🙌🏽amazing - you create such a comfortable environment for me to just talk without any judgement. You keep it real and have a special way of helping people. More people should take your workshop.

Brittany Robinson 

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