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The Self Love and Self Healing Theropy Workshop is a month long workshop where I, along with the Spirit Realm assist you on your Theorpy workshop. With my connection to the Spirit Realm I will be able to guide you towards the right direction in your life. The workshop will consist of daily assignments that focus on the areas you in assistance with. The focus will still be on revamping your mind, body, and soul so you can realign with life and have a blance. The workshop will be an e document that I will send through email or a shared app. I will be using music, inspirational videos, podcast, books, plants, and etc through out the time. We will be communicating via video chat, text messging, and phones calls.  For more information please click the chat option or email me. 

Spiritual Self Love and Self Healing Therapy Workshop

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  • There are no refund on any workshops.

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